Many Connect members already reward employees who car-pool to work in the following ways:

  • Free parking 5 days per week - for those who charge for parking
  • Discounted parking - for those who charge for parking
  • Reserved car-pool spaces – for those who do not charge for parking

Its easy to offer and manage incentives online using the Co-Hop’s prize draw and rewards functionality via the Admin Portal. See the suggestions below for incentives that would be easy to implement in your workplace. To increase participation, Connect will provide monthly prize draws in addition to member specific incentives, if you wish to donate to prize or discount that can be accessed precinct wide please contact 

Prize draw ideas

  • $50 fuel card – monthly
  • $60 Opal card top up – monthly

Redeem rewards

  • Free coffee - log 4 trips and receive a free coffee
  • Free car wash – log 10 trips and receive a free car wash
  • Free on-site wheel alignment – log 20 trips and receive a free on-site wheel alignment

Remember you can offer your own products as prizes and rewards!