Connect actively promotes ride-sharing to and from Macquarie Park + North Ryde – which simply means two or more people sharing a ride in a private car (sometimes called ‘car-pooling’).

More people sharing rides means fewer cars on the road, fewer cars in your car park, and reduced costs for your employees.

Connect is leading the way in helping people find new opportunities for ride-sharing.

Our online Co-Hop ‘carpool buddy’ tool makes it easy for employees to find the perfect ride-share partner – with over 1,300 local employees participating.

Supported by our Co-Hop Rewards program that offers enrolled member employees great prizes and local discounts for being part of Co-Hop.

Key Role for Macquarie Park + North Ryde Businesses

Local businesses can have a big impact facilitating ride-sharing with two simple ideas:

  1. Preferential Parking – provide employees that ride-share with special car parking spaces as an additional incentive to share the ride.
  2. Guaranteed Ride Home – give employees that ride-share more peace of mind by providing a free taxi (or similar) ride home in case of illness, family emergencies, or similar unexpected events where someone would need to leave work early.

These two ideas can be implemented by businesses relatively quickly and cheaply. When combined with Connect’s area-wide ride-share programs and incentives, the increase in the number of your employees sharing rides will ease your car parking pressures and boost employee productivity.

Here’s how Connect can help

  1. Use this Co-Hop toolkit – the information in the toolkit provides basic guidance on preferential parking and guaranteed ride home programs. For many organisations, these simple tips will be enough to get you going straight away.
  2. Contact Connect for Support – Connect offers its members tailored support in developing employee commute programs. Contact us today for more support, or for more information on becoming a Connect member.