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Let’s bust traffic together.

It’s a busy time on Macquarie Park’s roads.

But don’t just sit there!

Discover all of your transport options, mix up your commute and keep moving.

Whether you’re jumping on a new bus or carpooling with Cohop, we’re here to help you.

Read on for useful travel tips and find a new way to work.

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Fly past traffic. Cohop.

Cohop is free, easy to use - and busts traffic! It’s carpooling for the 21st century.

Supported by our area’s leading employers, Cohop lets you carpool with other professionals who work in Macquarie Park and North Ryde.

Request a trip in real time, make a match in the app and you’ll soon be flying past traffic in the T2 lane.

You can even share parking costs.

With monthly rewards for regular Cohoppers, why not give it a try?

1.     Download the Cohop app for free to get started.

(Apple and Google Play supported)

2.    Set up your profile and book a trip – offer a lift if you drive, or request a ride if you’re a passenger.

3.     Increase your chances of a match by booking trips in advance; use the “favourites” function to remember destinations and book several trips at once.

Take control of your journey to work.

You can reduce, re-time, re-route or re-mode your trip to avoid congestion.

Ready to start something new?

Think about your trips and take a fresh look at your transport options.


Have you hailed a Keoride yet? It’s an on-demand service for the local area. Download the app, book a trip, and you’ll soon be on your way.


Bus use grew by 22% last year among Connect commuters. With hundreds of new services on clean and comfortable vehicles, maybe it’s time you took another look at taking the bus? Hop on!


Stretch your legs after a long day at the desk. Give walking a try to shake up your commute, get your heart pumping and enjoy the outdoors. It’s great for short trips, and can reduce your risk of disease.


We’re connected by a growing network of cycleways, and most offices have great facilities. There’s even public bike parking in the Macquarie Centre silver carpark. Why not work off that pad thai on a lunch ride?

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