Connect Macquarie Park Welcomes Aristocrat and Konica Minolta

Not-for-profit organisation Connect Macquarie Park+ North Ryde (Connect) now represents more than 55,000 commuters with the recent signing of new members Aristocrat and Konica Minolta. 

At a time when Macquarie Park is recognised by the Property Council of NSW as the second largest business precinct in NSW ahead of North Sydney and Parramatta, transport solutions have never been more important for both commuters and residents.

Zara Whitwell, General Manager of Connect says that Aristocrat and Konica Minolta will join other major employers in working on sustainable and flexible transport options, designed to reduce congestion, alleviate commuter stress and make the area as productive as possible for everyone.

Cindy Reid, Director of People and Culture from Konica Minolta believes that signing up to Connect was important because‘the transport issues that affect our employees on a daily basis have an enormous impact on their experience working in the Macquarie Park district.  We felt that by joining Connect we could add our voice, as an employer and as individual employees, to developing better transport options in, out and around the district.”

Christie Roser, Chief Human Resources Officer from Aristocrat says that “Connect has given Aristocrat and other local organisations in the precinct the ability to come together, share ideas and work collaboratively on solutions to our transport challenges. “

Connect Chair, Andrew Parker confirmed that “increasing business membership of the organization reflects the priority employers are placing on getting their people to work and the effectiveness of solutions Connect’s renewed strategy and work plan offers”.