5 ways to improve your commute

Did you know that commuters who drive-alone to work in Macquarie Park and North Ryde experience some of the slowest travel travel times in Sydney?

So what can you do to improve your commute?

Peak spreading

We know that Tuesday mornings, Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons are the most congested times to travel in, out and around the precinct. If you can, re-think your commute on these days. It could mean starting and finishing work earlier or later, catching public transport one day a week or taking advantage of T2 lanes by ride-sharing via Co-Hop.

Sydney ranks 21/200 most congested cities in the world, adding 24-minutes to a 30-minute journey during peak times.

Connect can help businesses plan smarter working hours to help their employees avoid travelling during rush hour, talk our transport experts today.           

Anywhere working

Sounds like working at home on Wednesday is a good idea - and a good way to break up the week. In addition to working from home, you can now work closer to home but with the peace and quiet of purpose built remote offices. Teams can collaborate effectively in a remote office environment that has all the mod-cons you are used to. Check out Space&Co, a leader in this space.

Connect can help businesses plan smarter work places to help their employees work anywhere and take advantage of Connect member discounts, talk our transport experts today.        

Ride-sharing AKA car-pooling is a good idea

Using ride-sharing tools like Co-Hop can save you time, money and pain. With two or more people in your car you take advantage of T2 and T3 lanes. Co-Hopping with just one person saves you money by cutting fuel costs and tolls in half. Not to mention the added convenience and comfort of riding with Co-Hop buddy, so you arrive more relaxed.

Plan your trip

Are you stuck in the same old commuting rut? When was the last time you checked new bus routes or cycle paths to get you to work faster and smarter? There are many tools available now to help you plan your trip. For a truly multi-modal transport plan, try using Co-Hop today. Its more than a ride-share matching tool, it encompasses remote working, bus, train and walking options. Plus you can you can monitor and track your individual green-house emissions.

Ride to the station

Cycling to and from a train station, ferry wharf or bus interchange can speed up your commute. Transport for NSW provides secure bicycle lockers so you can combine cycling with public transport, a healthy alternative to being stuck in a car.

Think of a secure bicycle locker as your own priority parking. Your locker also helps to protect your bike and associated equipment in your locker from inclement weather, theft and vandalism. Lockers are available at North Ryde, Macquarie Park and Macquarie University stations.

For quick bike repairs on the go All4cycling.com.au has a Pit Stop cycling vending machine for bike parts at Macquarie Centre - located at the Herring Road bus interchange.

Whether you are a local business enquiring about membership or someone looking for a better way to get to work in Macquarie Park and North Ryde, we'd love to hear from you.









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