You've been around the world...

Which city does public transport best? We want to learn more about what made a public transport experience fantastic for you and we're giving away gold class movie nights for the funniest, most creative and sincere answers. 

And the winner is:


Tokyo! Vast metro, simple fare system, helpful staff. Easy to plan your trip using apps. Quiet! Talking on phones is taboo. People are respectful.

Other entries of note:

Taiwan - "Efficient. Clean. Timely. And available everywhere. The Taiwan MRT is the best form of transportation as you zap around the city quickly with your PokÃmon Go App in tow trying to be the very best, like no one ever was!" Jonathan

Berlin "In regards to public transport you have to take Berlin, Germany as a benchmark. Bus, Trams, Subway and Trains are interconnected. The network is setup like a 'spider-web' to make sure there is no place where public transport is not close by." Juergen

London "A spider web network enabling you to directly connect between outer suburbs rather than having to transfer via a central hub." Merrin

Paris "My favourite train system was always Hong Kong , very efficient , clean , short wait times .
Paris Metro is also excellent , again very short wait times and easy to work out were you are going." Jamie

Singapore "has the best public transport system that I have seen. The clean trains and buses, on time every time, fast, safe and cheap. Almost every station has barriers between platform and train with sliding doors that match the train's doors." Sundar

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