Conquer the morning and afternoon peak

We know that Tuesday mornings, Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons are the most congested times to drive in, out and around the park. 

3 tips to beat the peak

If you can, re-think your commute by:

  • Starting work earlier or later - avoid arriving at 8.30am when traffic is slowest
  • Catching public transport one day a week
  • Or taking advantage of T2 lanes by ride-sharing via Co-Hop.

The morning peak

As demonstrated in the graph below 8.15am is the "peak of the peak" for Macquarie Park. Planning your journey so you arrive before 8am or just before 9am would reduce the amount of time you spend sitting in traffic. For example travelling at the "peak of the peak" can add 24-minutes to a 30-minute journey - that's 54 minutes in total! 

The afternoon peak

Conversely the "peak of the peak" in the afternoon is spot on 5pm where vehicles slow to 25.9km p/h on major roads. Again if you can try leaving around 4pm or 6pm to reduce your overall journey time. 

What about the rest of my journey?

Just go to the RMS Roads Report and use the interactive tool to see peak times for all the major roads on your journey to work.