Cut the cost of commuting

Ever wondered what your commute is costing you? If you drive alone to work each day, here are some tools you can start using today to save you money and time.

Firstly - know how much money you can save by quantifying how much it costs you to drive alone in the first place. Go to the Co-Hop Commute Cost Calculator to discover your estimated monthly cost. It works out your annual Co2 emissions.... so you can save on that too!

Next - find a buddy on Co-Hop who'll be willing to share your commute and share the costs. An average Macquarie Park commuter spends over $700 per month driving to work, by Co-Hopping just two days a week you could save $140 each month - that works out to be a staggering $1,680 saving for the year.

Lastly - consider re-thinking your commute all together in the following ways:

  • Re-time - stop sitting in traffic burning fuel - instead leave a for work little earlier or later. Get more tips on re-timing your commute here.
  • Re-mode - use Co-Hop to plan your journey on bike, bus and train with the latest live transport information 

Give your wallet the day off and get Co-Hopping today!  

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