Ride to work and save money on tax?!?

Does the daily commute drain your energy before you even get to work? Traffic jams, parking stress, unpredictable travel times, they all contribute to a sense of frustration that eats into happiness. Well, thanks to a recent ruling from the progressive people at the ATO... can you now hold a novated lease on an e-bike, just like you can for a car. 

Not many riders know that if they buy an e-bike, they could pay the bike off in pre-tax dollars, lowering the amount of income tax they pay. Depending upon their rate of taxation this could mean a saving of 30% or more for the rider...

Benefits of leasing an e-bike

  • Low regular fee makes high quality e-bikes affordable, from $3/day
  • Getting to work on time, every time
  • Full salary sacrifice option when using the e-bike to commute

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