What's happening on the M2?  

Transurban, the owner and operator of the Hills M2 Motorway is committed to sustainability. Part of this commitment is to rethink how unused sites near our roads can be regenerated to benefit communities and the surrounding environment.

Following the success of the Power Street Loop competition, in October 2015 Transurban called for bold and creative ideas to reinvigorate an unused, 5 hectare site next to the Hills M2 in Macquarie Park.

The M2 Macquarie Park Ideas Competition was designed to encourage and challenge designers, artists and the community to come up with an artistic solution to contribute to the site’s restoration.

A judging panel had the difficult task of assessing the entries to determine how ecologically, socially and economically sustainable they were.


Kinetica is a playful interpretation of the life cycle and resilience of Australia’s native flora. Many of Australia’s native flora cannot exist without fire and is not only unique in appearance, but also in its ability to withstand extreme climates. This artwork explores this cycle in a contemporary way.

Banksia trees, golden wattles, the waratah and gum leaves are representedin abstract form and in bold shades of red, green, yellow and blue; a reflection of Australia’s colourful landscape.

Colourful eyes on the banksia tree support the idea of diversity and fun, with the gentle movement of the waratah reminding us that society is constantly on the move.

Site restoration

As part of Transurban’s commitment to sustainability, investing in the restoration of the site will provide long term environmental benefits to the area.

Neighbouring Lane Cove National Park to the north and with creeks to the east and west that flow into Lane Cove River, it is important an ecological buffer is created to ensure the preservation of the surrounding environment.

The work by Transurban and Landcare Australia will focus on removing noxious weeds and revegetating with local native, low maintenance plants. Special attention will be given to improving the quality of water flow into Lane Cove River through creek improvements and drainage works.

Construction activities

Subject to planning approvals, the first phase of the project is the bush rehabilitation work and is scheduled to start mid-2016. This work is expected to be completed by mid-2017 and will involve site establishment, weed clearing, creek improvements and revegetation of local native plants.

In addition, the artwork Kinetica, will be fabricated off site, with a scheduled installation date planned for mid-2017.

Community Update – July 2016