Meet the candidates for Bennelong

Last week the candidates for the Bennelong byelection were released.  In the lead up to the election on 16 December 2017, read about the party representatives, their policies and vision for roads and transport in Mac Park.

Traditionally a safe Liberal seat the announcement of Kristina Keneally as the Labour candidate, has turned the upcoming Bennelong byelection into a closely watched race.  

John Alexander - LNP

John Alexander - LNP

Kristina Keneally - ALP

Kristina Keneally - ALP

Latest polls suggest it will be a close contest between the two main parties with a recent poll conducted by ReachTel suggesting that Alexander holds a slight margin in the two-party preferred at 53% over Keneally at 47% following the first week of campaigning.  

What issues are important to you?


According to the ReachTel poll the most important issues to voters in the Bennelong electorate are 'Heath' and the 'Cost of Living' with 'Roads and Transport' coming in fifth spot above the environment and power prices. 

Alexander has always been a strong advocate for transport crusading for fast rail links between cities as a means of tackling housing affordability. 


Why is bennelong having a byelection ?

The byelection was forced by the resignation of Liberal John Alexander, who discovered he was British through his father. Alexander has since renounced his British citizenship and is standing again for the electoral seat.

It will be a close outcome on December 16 - so remember to let your local member know the issues that are important to you.