Congestion Suggestions

We received some awesome suggestions on how to bust Macquarie Parks traffic jams in for our recent Jambusters competition.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an idea. 

Some of the more notable jam busting ideas are listed below.  We look forward to distilling these ideas and sharing them to our partners.

Laura J from Wolters Kluwer:

“Take advantage of the quieter public transport before peak hour in conjunction with flexible work hours to miss the slow and busy peak time all together”

Lynne K from Optus:

“Set up an App that informs people of car shares available and times like requesting an Uber - You can see who's in the area. You could also rate the driver - driver gets points per passenger like a loyalty card or even reduced price fuel - You could partner with Coles fuel?”

Nimesh P from Schneider-Electric:

“Create 25 short-distance loops that are around 5km long, and go around residence areas that are not walking distance from nearest train stations. Run small, 10-15 seat buses on these loops that keep going around for a few hours during peak time. This could help people living in areas immediately to the North-West, North-East, and South of Mac Park. This will also generate more employment (bus drivers), and the cost could be recovered by creating a new set of passenger customers who today have no option but to drive to work.”

Paul C from Optus:

“There is no bonus to taking the bus when you sit in traffic like everyone else. We need more transit or T2/T3 lanes - travelling north along Lane Cove Road to Epping Road I’m in traffic and travelling south from the Pacific Highway to Talavera or Waterloo Road I’m also in traffic.”

Scott B from Optus:

“Where the slip road comes off Epping Road (city-bound) to Lane Cove Road, there are lot of cars that come from Macquarie Park and want to do a U-turn. This causes a jam in the right hand lane because all the U-turners get stuck behind the cars trying to turn right onto Lane Cove. If the road was widened so the U-turn lane started a further 100-200 metres up the road, it would reduce this congestion.”

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