Winners of R2W competition

In last months edition we asked you to share your suggestions on how we could make next years R2W event even better.

We received some amazing ideas but are pleased to announce the worthy recipients of the two bumper bike prize packs are Judith and Mark from Macquarie Uni.

Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone for your great suggestions - we'll consider all entries when planning future R2W days in Macquarie Park.

Judith wins a bike pack and the $50 i-Tunes voucher with this submission:

I’d like this to be Ride to Work Week, with promotion centring on the idea of reducing the total number of car trips to and from the Macquarie Park area. For those living further afield there could be collection points for people to park-and-ride in groups at peak times - crowd-source the parking locations. 2018 Station Closure a great year to make this happen! Can we get retailers of e-bikes to demo their machines at the breakfast locations? Also a ride-with-a-buddy option for the week, like car-pooling, folk who don’t know the bike paths could link up with an experienced rider and roll along together. Bright T-shirts for rider-buddies so those poor drivers stuck in road lanes get the idea as we whiz by in the fresh air!

And Mark will receive the bike pack and $30 i-Tunes voucher with his idea;

A lunchtime “Pedal The Park” Event, say up and down Waterloo Rd on a specially cordoned off lane and through the University with refreshments at end. Not a race, more like a parade