Check your trip - timetables have changed

Last weekend a number of changes were introduced across bus and train networks.  Read our detailed insights into how the TfNSW changes will impact your journey to Macquarie Park and North Ryde.

The changes have added 1,500 new train services, an extra 7,000 weekly bus services as well as adjustments to existing services.

TfNSW have advised that they are simplifying the transport network to increase capacity, so they can deliver more services and better connections between trains, buses and ferries. 

Which bus routes into the Park are affected?

On the whole changes to buses servicing the Park have been favourable with only two cancelled routes and an increase in the frequency of many existing services. 50 additional weekly services have been added to the routes from the Hills District to Macquarie Park during morning peak periods.  The B-line, a fleet of new double-decker buses operating between Mona Vale and the City was also introduced over the weekend.

  • Routes 607X, 611, 615X, 619, 620N and 621 has additional services running during weekday peak periods, catering for an increased demand for travel to the Sydney CBD and Macquarie Park, specifically 
  • Route 611 between Blacktown and Macquarie Park has 35 extra weekly services
  • Route 621 between Castle Hill, Cherrybrook and Macquarie Park has 10 extra weekly services
  • Route 619 between Rouse Hill/Castle Hill and Macquarie Park has 5 extra weekly services 
  • If you are travelling from Auburn to Macquarie University via Route 544, you will now need to exit at the bus stops on Epping or along Herring Road as this bus route will now travel to Macquarie Centre via Epping and Herring Roads instead of University Avenue.
  • Route 630 from Blacktown and route 289 from Lane Cove no longer operates, however route 292 (Marsfield to City via Macquarie Park and Lane Cove) has changed to run along Mowbray Road providing an all-day service to and from Lane Cove Interchange, the City and Macquarie Park seven days a week.  In total an extra 140 additional weekly services have been added to route 292. 

Enhancements to train services

On the whole more services are running with more late night and weekend trains - an extra 750 services have been added at the weekend.

The lines most affected by change include the T2 Line which now separates into the T2 (Inner West & Leppington Line) and the T8 (Airport & South Line). Those travelling from the south may now need to change at Clyde for onward travel to Parramatta and the City,  or Glenfield to join the T5 Cumberland Line and T2 Inner West Line.  The T2 Line also now extends through to Parramatta.

The Blue Mountains Line has introduced express tourist services on the weekends stopping at key station hubs on the line.

Why have the changes been made?

TfNSW has advised the changes are plan to simplify our transport network to better meet the needs of our growing city by focusing on service frequency during peak usage times, along with improving connections between trains, buses and ferries.

Your thought on the changes

How have the timetable changes affected your commute to and from work? 

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