How are the boys in blue travelling?

Josh Brillante and Brandon O’Neill are two of Sydney FC’s star players.  This month we chat to the boys about the season ahead, and how they travel to training at MQU Sports Fields and games.

Josh Brillante (2nd from left) and Brandon O’Neill (far right)

Josh Brillante (2nd from left) and Brandon O’Neill (far right)

How are you feeling at the start of the 2017/18 season – is there a bit more pressure coming in as premiers? 

JB - I wouldn’t say pressure I would say we’re more motivated to keep up the standards and quality.

How do you back up your biggest season on record?

JB - Working hard I think, doing extra one percenters, makes a big difference. Doing every day to day stuff, the stuff that people don’t see behind the scenes, I think is the most important for keeping up the quality, the performance and gaining results in the games.

BO - You back it up by wanting to get better and improve, and there are still things we can improve on and get better at.

What does a typical day of training involve?

JB - Getting up early, travelling to training, probably about 2hours prior to when we actually start. Checking in with the physio, prehab, weighing, pre questionnaires, everyday wellness followed by roughly an hour ½ to 2 hours of training, recovery and then lunch.

BO - The start of the week is a lot more physical making sure we are keeping on top of our fitness and leading into the back end of the week it is a lot more tactical and technical so we can work on how we’re going to play.

If you drive, how long does it take to you to get to training?

JB - I live in Bondi and travelling to Macquarie is a bit of a distance with the traffic in Sydney not helping. I’m an early bird and like to get up early, have a coffee, now that its warming up I might go for a swim and take our time driving to training. Depending on the traffic and whether we take all the tolls, I’d say between 40-50mins.

BO – I live close to the Park and on a good day it takes me about maybe 15-20mins.  If there’s a lot of traffic heading in sometimes it could take me 35-40min.  I’m actually quite lucky in terms of where I’m heading and where I’m coming from, some lads are travelling an hour to an hour ½ some mornings depending on traffic so yeah I’m not too bad.

Have you ever tried other modes of transport?

BO - Yeah I’ve tried the train; I haven’t tried the bus but I have tried the train over here.  And coming from Perth where I have been, the train system over here is a lot better, a lot smoother and quicker. The trains are pretty good.

Do you or any of your team car pool to training sessions or games?

JB - Yeah I live with 2 other players Sebastian. R and Rhyan. G and we car pool a lot to games and training.

BO - I used to more when I was living with a few of the boys.  Milos and I are close so we head to games together.

What one thing you could think of to improve traffic flow and improve the journey to Macquarie Park?

 BO - That’s a tough one. Maybe just go the speed limit. Indicate when changing lanes, go the speed limit and being patient on the road, a bit too many impatient drivers out there.

 JB - Umm I don’t know, less traffic would help! Signage is pretty good actually. I can think of one turn off towards the Macquarie Uni fields (onto Culloden Road off Epping Road) where you’re not allowed to turn right between 6am-10am so you have to go through the Uni a little bit or go around.

Sydney FC train throughout the season at the Macquarie University Sporting Field.  Members of the public are welcome to come and spectate.