And the winner of a trip in a Tesla is.... 

In last month's edition we ran a competition to share your big idea for the transport future of the Park. 

The winner of the trip in a chauffeur driven Evoke Tesla Model S is Mahbub Hassan with the following entry:

Lots of on-demand mini/micro bus routes through the residential areas, connecting to major train stations.  Also real-time on-demand car pooling with passing-by people.
— Mahbub Hassanwith

Congratulations Mahbub! 

A vision for the transport future of Sydney

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) recently unveiled their transport vision for NSW over the coming 40 years.  Known as Future Transport 2056, it consolidates both regional and Greater Sydney plans into a overarching strategy for the state.

The document is 'living' meaning it is only available online and is regularly updated to reflect the changing landscape, and insights gained from community and industry consultation.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.47.33 pm.png

A virtual reality concept of the future city has also been launched as part of a four-day International Festival of Landscape Architecture in Sydney. 

Featuring self-driving cars on roads with solar panels, hologram commercials, drones making deliveries, skyways between buildings, a magnetically-levitating train pulling into Circular Quay and loads of trees.

Check out the virtual reality look at the city in 2037