Update from Sydney Metro

Landmark Windsor Road railway bridge nears completion at Rouse Hill

Major construction on the Sydney Metro railway bridge over Windsor Road at Rouse Hill is nearing completion.

The scaffolding around the two towers has been removed and workers are putting the final touches on the 270m long structure over Windsor Road.

The cables which support the bridge deck have been tensioned and secured and the temporary piers holding the deck up have been demolished.

The bridge is now supporting its own weight with the deck supported by 127 steel cables which stretch 173 km.

The bridge’s two towers, which reach 45m above Windsor Rd, were installed in May this year then each filled with 336 tonnes of concrete.

Then, 16 cable pipes – the longest 62m – were installed from each tower to the deck. The pipes hold 127 steel cables which support the deck.

It took about seven weeks to tension all the cables, with the bridge being progressively lifted off the temporary support columns during the process.

Similar in design to Sydney’s Anzac Bridge, the Windsor Road bridge is the first cable-stayed railway bridge built on a curve built in Australia.

The Windsor Road bridge was a design solution to community feedback which means any future upgrade of the Windsor Road and Schofields Road intersection will not be impacted by the new metro railway.

Sydney Metro services start in the first half of 2019 with a new metro train every four minutes in the peak.

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