Do you want to save over $1,000 per year and get back hours of quality time each week? Then learn how to become a jambuster today.

What's your superhero power? Time travel!

Just change the time you travel to or from work.

It's that simple.

We know that by looking at the data - patterns start to emerge. The graph below shows you how many cars are on Epping Road during a 24-hour period, averaged over a year's worth of weekdays. The pattern that we see is clear - aim to arrive at work after 9am and depart after 6pm and you'll see a 10% reduction in cars on the road. 

What does 10% mean to you?

Well, if you are travelling an hour to work during the peak of the peak, 10% could shave 15 to 30 minutes off your total commute time by arriving after 9am. That's 30 minutes to an hour you get back just by time shifting - that's a significant advantage to changing the time of your daily drive to and from the office.

Around Macquarie Park the morning peak is long and difficult to traverse, with heavy traffic building from 6am to 9am with the afternoon peak traffic building from 4pm through to 6pm.

In Sydney not only does your commute start earlier - it takes longer now than in 2005 with travel speeds dropping more than 26%.

A small time shift

Sleeping in a little longer and wandering through the door at work at 10am is attractive and most bosses are more receptive to the idea than you'd expect. We see more Macquarie Park employees controlling their start and finish times and experiencing a better quality of life.

Longer commutes increase pressure in the workplace - the time that is saved in not having to battle traffic has a significant positive impact on family too, giving parents time to spend with their children.

Starting work later is one way to reduce the number of cars on the road at peak times. Here are some other ways to become a Jambuster:

  • Carpool with Co-Hop - carpooling can reduce the stress and cost of travel
  • Ride your bike - if you live within a 5km radius of Macquarie Park you can cut your commute time in half by riding your bike.
  • Catch public transport - every bus can equal 50 cars on the road