Geoff (at the wheel) and Matt

Geoff (at the wheel) and Matt

Geoff Glicksman and his husband Matt Osborne are both employees at Optus and have shared the drive to work from their home on the lower North Shore for over 5 years.

Connect spoke to Geoff to get under the bonnet and understand the good and the bad of car pooling. 

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How long does your commute take?

On average our trip takes close to 40 mins each way – we could probably do it faster if we took the Lane Cove Tunnel, but we avoid paying extra tolls.


How do you decide who drives?

I usually do as I enjoy it and Matt likes being chauffeured!


You voluntarily spend an additional 8 hours a week with your husband in a confined space.  What have you learned about each other over this time?

There's too many 'insights' to mention,  however it's the ideal time to plan our holidays and apartment renovations!


Besides the discounted parking fees, what are the benefits of car-pooling?

The company.  Sharing the commute gives us the opportunity to talk about our day, comment on the radio (Kyle and Jackie on KISSFM), or just sit in comfortable silence with one another.  


What’s the worst pain point in terms of traffic to Macquarie Park?

Definitely along Epping Road from the Lane Cove tunnel exit towards Macquarie Park.


What do you think is the greatest barrier to more people car-sharing?

Probably flexibility. It's hard to find a car share buddy who's schedules match. 

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