The results are in! Our e-Bike poll from the April edition told us that many of you are interested in testing and riding an e-bike to and from work. 


At this years Ride2Work Day on October 18 we’ll again have e-Bikes to try, so come along and experience first-hand the benefits of e-cycling!


Click here to find your closest Ride2Work Day Community Breakfast in Macquarie Park.

Why e-Bikes?

Using an e-bike reaps the same environmental and health benefits as conventional bikes with some added extras….

  • As they help navigate hills and supplement pedal power on flats, e-bikes help you cover greater distances in less time, making them perfect for longer commutes.
  • Along with avoiding traffic, another bonus of e-bikes is you choose your level of exertion, meaning you needn’t ride in lycra or arrive to work hot and sweaty – perfect if your employer doesn’t offer shower facilities.
  • Basically an e-bike bridges the gap between conventional cycling and motorised scooters and bikes, with the added safety of being able to use cycle ways and not requiring a specific license.
Benefits of ebikes.png

How do they work?

Most electric bikes use a compact motor built into either the front or back wheel.  A lithium-ion battery, similar to those in your mobile phone or laptop, is located on the crossbar and stores enough power to travel up to 60kms with little / no pedalling between charges…..and of course the more you pedal the less you need to charge your battery.

Convenient and economical, e-Bikes are a great environmentally friendly option to cars.

* Keep in mind when travelling to and from work you are not covered by workers compensation.  Connect members can get the best bike insurance in NSW and enjoy a 20% discount through