Check your trip - 6 May 2018 - extra bus services and new timetables

From 6 May 2018 over 295 weekly services will be added to Macquarie Park from Parramatta and the City. The new 259 Route will connect Macquarie Centre and Chatswood. 24-hour and late night bus services will be also added. 

New Route 545

New Route 545

Macquarie Park changes:

Over 295 extra bus services for Routes 506, 507, 518, 545 and M54.

  • Route 506 between Macquarie University to City Domain via East Ryde will have an additional 40 trips each week, with extra morning services on weekdays and evening services every night
  • Route 507 between Macquarie University to City Circular Quay via Putney will have 10 additional trips each week, with additional afternoon and evening services on weekdays and extended services on Sunday. 
  • Route 518 between Macquarie University to City Circular Quay will have over 60 extra trips each week with later services to and from Macquarie University on all nights of the week
  • Route 545 between Parramatta to Chatswood via Eastwood & Macquarie Park will now terminate near North Ryde train station. Over 110 additional trips each week have been added to improve this route. The new Route 259 will replace the route from Macquarie Centre to Chatswood.
  • M54 between Parramatta to Macquarie Park via Epping will have over 75 additional trips each week with new overnight services every night providing 24 hour services

North Ryde changes:

Bus commuters from Parramatta and Chatswood to North Ryde will now have a new route between Macquarie Centre and Chatswood.

  • A new Route 259 between Macquarie Centre to Chatswood via Macquarie Park & North Ryde replacing the previous route link serviced by Route 545
  • Route 545 between Parramatta and Chatswood via Eastwood & Macquarie Centre will now terminate near North Ryde Station. Commuters will now be able to take the new Route 259 for journeys between Macquarie Centre, North Ryde and Chatswood
  • Route 550 between Parramatta to Chatswood via Macquarie Park will no longer operate and will be serviced by the new Route 259 and improved Route 545.

Find out more of the North-western suburbs bus changes from TfNSW or check to see if your trip has been affected.

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