New Bus Lane in Operation at Macquarie Park

New Bus Lane on Herring Road.jpg

As part of the Bus Priority Infrastructure Program, TfNSW and the RMS have been improving the road network around Macquarie Park - aiming to improve both the reliability and efficiency of bus serviced and ease congestion on the road. 

As part of the project, a new bus lane along Herring Road southbound has been completed and is in full operation. See the map above for an aerial view. 


When driving along Herring Road, it is important that road users are aware of the bus lane and choose their appropriate lane to travel in. 

Please note that the bus stop on Herring Road between Waterloo Road and Windsor Drive southbound has been move ~ 25m towards Waterloo Road. 


For more information about the project, and monthly construction updates, see the RMS website here

If you would like any further information, you can contact the Macquarie Park Bus Priority Infrastructure Project Team via email or phone using the details below:


Phone:  1800 636 870