The Social Network Connecting Parents and their Trusted Network of Family and Friends


What is The Hug App?

The Hug App is meant for anyone that is responsible for the transport and care of dependants. It is uniquely able to eliminate the stress that comes from transport and care arrangements of children using with its patent pending automation algorithm. 

The app was founded on the belief that working parents face the two keys issues of: transporting their dependants to and from school, as well as extra curricular activities; and the subsequent care those children. 

After this became clear, the team has been committed to alleviating the responsibility parents have to take, and improving their access to child care so that the children get the integral care in their development and parents are able to participate in the workforce. 


How does it work? 

The Hug App has the functionality to create and accept both Transport and Care jobs, which both involve asking someone in your trusted network to either transport or look after your child.

1. You create a request and send it out to your network.

2. Once the request is made, the people in the selected group will get an alert with all the details.

3. Someone accepts the request, and takes responsibility over the job.

4. After the person starts the job, you are able to keep track of your child’s location.

5. You get notified once the job is finished.

For more information, and a full list of all of The Hug App’s features, click here to visit their website.


The Hug App is available to download on both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. Click the links below to download, and start relieving pressure and time stress from your busy work life today: