October 2018 Construction Update

Source: RMS

Source: RMS

Click below to visit the interactive map of the current construction works.

With the Epping-Chatswood train line upgrade now underway, the RMS are getting closer to completing essential road works around Macquarie Park.

Over September 2018 the following has been completed:

  • Completed the work at Herring Road between Waterloo Road and Epping Road (Zone 9)

  • Completed the intersection of Waterloo Road and Lane Cover Road (Zone 7)

  • Completed Lane Cove Road between Waterloo Road and Epping Road (Zone 6)

There will be some temporary traffic changes whilst the works are still ongoing to ensure all work zones are safe and traffic runs as smoothly as possible. Please keep to all speed limits, and follow all signs and traffic controller directions.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Bus Priority Team on the details below:

Phone: 1800 636 870

Email: buspriority@wardcivil.com.au