Remote co-working broadens staff mobility

Globally, we know the nature of work and the workforce are evolving. And employers in our precinct are on the forefront of this change with teams dispersed globally, across remote locations. Forward thinking organisations are challenging workplace perceptions by focusing on the outcome, not on the physical place. 

Macquarie Park and North Ryde employers have taken the lead by broadening the range of mobility options for staff and reducing the need to travel to the area by including remote co-working in their employee offering. 

What is remote co-working?

Remote co-working allows employees to work 1 or 2 days a week from a co-working location close to their home or within an easy commute. Employees can choose from a number of sites that have been approved by their employer and share the experience with their colleagues.

There is a lot of research that demonstrates the benefits of people working remotely. This includes:

  • demonstrable productivity improvements
  • improved motivation
  • and networking benefits.

There is also plenty of research highlighting the benefits of co-working for individuals and small businesses, including flexibility, collaboration and productivity.

There is less information and evidence about:

  • The value of utilising professional co-working spaces, as an alternative to working from home, to support remote work for employees of large organisations.
  • The cultural changes needed to support greater utilisation of remote work within large organisations.

Giving remote co-working a go

In 2017 the Connect member pilot demonstrated real productivity gains for business and retention attributes for employees – now all Connect members can take advantage of this new way to work using the resources below.


At a glance..

93% of managers vote to continue co-work

There was overwhelming support from managers to continue use of remote co-work.

Remote work location preference

After the pilot, over two thirds of people preferred a co-work space option - demonstrating the value of using co-work spaces to increase mobility options for a broader range of employees.

66% reduction in travel time

The average number of travel minutes decreased significantly during the pilot - improving the work/life balance of all participants. "Saving 2.5 hours of travel per day allowed me to be more efficient in my working day as well as spend more time with my family instead of sitting in traffic." - participant.

Benefits to business

Improved productivity

increased staff retention

Positive impact on communications


Benefits to employees

Positive impact on health and wellbeing

Reduction in travel times


How to successfully implement remote co-working

The key to success is to encourage individual managers and work areas to value the broader business benefits of remote work and to adjust their communication and work practices to accommodate more of it. Trust and good communication remain fundamental. So, how do you go about successfully implementing remote co-working?

Assess the Connect curated sites to see which facilities work for your business

Do you need a booking platform?

Which roles and employees are suited to working remotely once a week?

Prepare your managers to set expectations with remote co-working teams (Connect HR and manager briefings)

Monitoring your remote co-working success


Co-working Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely

Why people thrive in Co-working spaces


There are dozens of co-working sites across greater Sydney from Wyong to Wollongong offering a range of facilities.

Connect have curated a selection of these spaces which offer the following criteria

  • End trip facilities - showers, bike racks and lockers
  • Breakout areas
  • Phone areas/booths
  • Team areas 
  • Meeting rooms
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • WHS compliant workstations and work spaces 
  • Hub host for day to day assistance
  • Convenient parking or transport options
  • Fast secure internet
  • Printing and scanning
  • Kitchen facilities - free tea and coffee

There are many more fabulous co-working sites around Sydney - and just because they don't suit everyone, it doesn't mean they won't suit you - check out your local options on Liquidspace now


Prefer to have everything in one place - sites, payment, employee access management, reporting...?

Liquidspace logo.jpg

Liquidspace can provide you with access to desks, meeting rooms and boardrooms across their global network via a simple platform tailored to your business, providing

Simple set up and administration

Access to your selected group of employees and managers

Access to your selected co-working sites

Real time reporting

Central payment method

Liquidspace mobile app for managing bookings on the go


Tools for successful co-working


Work is something you do, not a place you go