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  • accessibility details.

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Top 5 reasons to catch the train

It's good for your heart - it's recommended that people walk for at least 30 minutes per day. Research shows that people who catch the train in Sydney walk an average of 38 minutes per day.

Get more you time - catching the train relieves the stress of daily traffic pain, it also reduces the stress of your commute so you arrive more relaxed.

It's good for your wallet - Catching public transport may be up to four times cheaper than travelling in your car. It can also save you the cost of buying, maintaining and running additional vehicles.

It helps fight congestion - congestion is estimated to cost NSW tax payers as much as $8.8 billion by 2020. Up to 12,000 people per day travel on public transport during peak periods, reducing congestion costs; that's equivalent to about eleven lanes of freeway traffic.

It's good for the planet - rail transport is recognised as an environmentally friendly form of transport.  The Australian Rail Association has documented that only 2.6% of Australia's transport greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to rail. This 2.6% includes both passenger and freight rail so, in fact passenger rail contributes even less!

If 10 per cent of car users started using public transport, then annually that potentially could save 89 lives and avoid almost 300 cases of disease.