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Tuesday 14th August


TWG #4

February 2017


  1. Welcome from Andrew Parker - Connect Chair 
  2. Connect update from Zara Crichton - GM Connect
  3. Q&A with Marg Prendergast - TfNSW Coordinator General


  • Jan Zesach opened the meeting by welcoming Connect members to Novartis
  • Andrew Parker welcomed new members Fuji Xerox and Schneider Electric

Connect update

  • We are approximately 18-months out from the rail shutdown and planning is underway to help members during this disruptive period. Some of the planning includes but is not limited to; 
    • Re-time - campaigns to increase the number commuters arriving and departing on the shoulder of the peak - first campaign goes live in Q3 2017.
    • Reduce - encouraging select employees to work offsite 1 or 2 days per week will reduce overall commuters to the precinct. The Connect Remote Working Pilot is due to be completed in March with results being issued to members around Mid-March. Aristocrat and Optus participated in the pilot and initial results are promising with managers wishing to continue with remote working practices for their staff.
    • Reroute - the Connect Concierge has been busy helping member employees plan their trip to and from work - we encourage all member to make use of this service.
    • Re-mode - "Give your car the day off" campaign will go live late March and will focus on raising awareness of new bus service to Macquarie Park and North Ryde. The Micro Transit On-Demand Pilot will ultimately offer more options for commuters provided bus priority is functional by the shutdown period.
    • Results from travel surveys since 2014 display a positive trend with all concurrent members sitting under the 60% drive alone City of Ryde mode share target.
    • Renewed efforts are underway to advocate improvements the bus corridor from the Northern Beaches which has the highest drive-alone rate of 73% within our member base and this figure would be higher once non-members are considered.
    • 17% of our member employees live in the City of Ryde - efforts to advocate improved bus services from this catchment are underway.
    • Micro Transit On-demand Pilot will go live on 1 July 2017 - workshops with members will be held soon to ensure pilot meets immediate needs and future considerations post-pilot. See the video explainer on micro transit on-demand for more details.

    View Connect TWG 4 update presentation

    Marg Prendergast – Coordinator General TfNSW

    Marg Prendergast – Coordinator General TfNSW

    Q&A with Marg Prendergast – Coordinator General TfNSW

    Currently being updated.



    TWG #3

    November 2016

    Working Group Summary

    1.     Connect has prepared a small survey for our business members in response to the questions asked during the workshop by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to help provide input to those who were not present.

    Please provide your input by clicking HERE.

    TWG 3 was focused on a workshop by Malcom McDonald (NSW Department of Planning and Environment) as part of the Macquarie Park Investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to develop a vision and planning framework that transitions Macquarie Park from a business park to an active employment centre through place making. The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is seeking to achieve this via:

    • A vibrant and enhanced commercial centre
    • Improved public domain and public spaces
    • Greater mix of uses, including retail, civic and community uses
    • Better connections, including walking and cycling paths

    The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has a list of priorities for Macquarie Park as stated in A Plan for Growing Sydney 2014, through district plans, in which Macquarie Park is part of the North District.

    The list of questions in the workshop is available for viewing in the attached presentation by NSW Department of Planning and Environment. It is beneficial to read the Strategic Employment Review: Macquarie Park, prepared by BIS-Shrapnel.

    The list of questions in the workshop is available for viewing in the attached presentation by NSW Department of Planning and Environment. It is beneficial to read the Strategic Employment Review: Macquarie Park, prepared by BIS-Shrapnel on behalf of NSW Department of Planning and Environment, for an insight into the current situation and possible future of Macquarie Park.

    2.     Marg Prendergast – the CBD Coordinator General has been appointed to deliver the Macquarie Park Temporary Transport Plan - overseeing planning and operations of traffic, transport and communications for the Sydney Metro temporary rail shutdown from 2017. Marg and her team will provide government insight into the Sydney Metro temporary rail shutdown to the Connect Board from January 2017.

    Co-Hop will be undergoing major upgrades and awareness campaigning to improve services and provide incentives for alternative transport modes. A current survey is receiving feedback from users of the program to increase patronage and reduce drive alone rates. 

    Presentation Links:

    Transport Working Group 3 Connect Presentation

    NSW Department of Planning Workshop Presentation


    TWG #2

    August 2016


    1. Sydney Metro - Member business needs

    2. City of Ryde (COR) 2P parking proposal - comment

    3. Review of TfNSW response to TTP Top 10 priority list from TWG 1

    Working Group Summary

    1. The TWG 2 focused on understanding business needs during the Sydney Metro temporary rail shutdown for late 2018. A high of convergence became evident after workshopping member needs centred on the areas of:

    • clarity of timings around interim service and TTP
    • visibility of bus replacement service planning
    • and infrastructure improvements within a condensed period prior to the shutdown.

    2. CoR requested Connect member feedback on the preferred locations selected for Short Term Parking (2P) Trial in Macquarie Park - please refer to TWG 2 presentation pack below for more details. The majority of locations were endorsed by the TWG with the exception of:

    • Lyonpark Road - 8 spaces - TWG consensus reached to centralise 8 spaces on south-side of road next between Optus driveway and walkway to reception to further distance casual parkers from the taxi's that frequent the north-side of Lyonpark Road - who present an existing traffic hazard. 
    • Giffnock Avenue, near corner of Collinga Street - recommend moving 4 spaces along Giffnock, closer to 16 Giffnock Avenue as it is less congested in peak times and safer for pedestrians.

    3. We reviewed TfNSW's response to the TTP Top 10 Priority list resulting from TWG 1 in May. Overall TWG were pleased that matters raised had been given consideration by each responsible government department or agency.  


    TWG #1

    May 2016


    1. Develop top 10 priority list in response to TTP


    1. The Temporary Transport Plan (TTP) was released in 2014 for public comment. We prepared a response to the TTP in 2014, now in 2016 Macquarie University asked for an updated Top 10 priority list  to be prepared by the TWG.

    The Top 10 list was then then presented to the Deputy Secretary Freight Strategy & Planning at TfNSW, Clare Gardiner-Barnes, by  Patricia Forsythe, Macquarie University Council Member and Tim Beresford, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University on 7 June 2016. 

    The Freight, Strategy and Planning Division has prepared a coordinated response - see link below - on behalf of the Transport Cluster - including Sydney Metro Delivery Office and Roads and Maritime Services - with input from City of Ryde Council. Detailed investigations are continuing for some of the more complex issues to fully understand the options.

    Useful links:

    TfNSW response to TPP Top 10 list

    Connect Top 10 priorities to TTP in 2016

    Temporary Transport Plan 2014