Get your steps up and explore

Walk the walk

Including walking in your daily transport routine helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improve your fitness and lower your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

Ways to improve your walk

While the minimal requirement to walk is a comfortable pair of shoes, there are a number of things that can help make the journey more comfortable for longer walks.

These include:

  • Wearing the right footwear.

  • Wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Protect yourself from the sun with clothes, sunglasses, a hat and sun block.

  • Carry waterproof clothing to avoid getting wet.

  • Use a backpack.

  • Carry a water bottle and replenish your fluid levels.

How people get to work in Macquarie Park

Data source: 2011 Journey to Work Data Tables 12 and 13 based on the 2011 BTS Travel Zone (TZ) and 2011 Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC)